FORM DEVELOPMENT: Various Projects

The following are quick projects intended to explore form. They're really just experiments.

This thread spooler was created to experiment with visualizing the passing of time. The mechanism was hacked together with a motor, some dowels, and a geared pulley system.


Originally a quick prototype of disposable cups and scrap wood was used to test the concept, especially the components of the mechanism (motor, rubber bands, and gears).

In an eclectic and sculptural full set of chess pieces designed across eight people, these four pieces represent two queens and two pawns to match. The white pieces represent the stoic form while the black represent the aggressive version.

This printed set of chess pieces represents all eight sets of four pieces printed from SolidWorks CAD files.

Other contributors: Austin Bales, Josh Finkle, Jason May, Russel Singer, Gavin Stewart, Teresa Tan, Jeremy Wolf


Many sketches were produced before building the pieces in SolidWorks. The intent was to combine the power of a queen with the softness of a flower.

Two sheets of 18" x 24" paper and white glue yielded this inexpensive lamp shade. The intension was literally to develop a sculptural form from paper.

A pair of salad servers was crafted out of beech wood. The intension was to create ergonomic flowing forms.