DESIGN RESEARCH: Pittsburgh Bus System

Research regarding bus system users was conducted to prepare for developing a bus complaint report system.

Interviews and Contextual Inquiries were conducted with 10 participants. Each user was classified as either a mobility-impaired, hearing-impaired, vision-impaired or able-bodied user.

Service blueprint maps were created to model the exchange between users and Port Authority based on our understanding from the user's point of view. The above map shows the process of making a complaint.

The same technique was used to map the process of taking a single bus trip for each user group. Above is a section of the mobility-impaired consolidated service blueprint.

Team members: JP Arsenault, Priyanka Shetye, Daisy Yoo



During the interviews the users walked the team through their usual bus riding procedure and answered question regarding past experiences. Then, the team accompanied the user on a bus ride in order to observe the process as well.